RSPCA Pet Care Mobile App: Concepts

After doing a few design challenges, I revised which one would be the most interesting for me. Each brief was very different and had similar goals overall, but after reviewing the design challenges, one had more notes than all the others and it stood out to me. The brief I had chosen was the RSPCA Pet Care Mobile App. I’ve never had a pet in my entire life so I found that it would put me out of my comfort zone when researching and making these concepts. It wouldn’t allow me to put in my previous knowledge and experience with the topic, allowing me to have a fresh and new perspective. After a few sketches, few low fidelity wireframes and then high-fidelity mock-up, this is what I came up with. The entire concept revolved around an information app, allowing the users to have all the information that would help to take care of their pet at the tip of their fingers.

The first concept is about context, showing the target audience would be new owners wishing to adopt a rescue pet. I started with a screen that gives a quick overview of owning a pet so the soon to be pet owner knows what they’re getting into. Then is a screen that shows the recommended pets for the user, allowing them to choose from a wide variety. By then selecting on the pet that they think they may adopt, the user can click on the profile of the pet and then become in contact with them. It’s a quick and easy way for users to adopt a rescue pet, just through their phone.

The second concept is about aesthetic, revolving around the photon design language. In this concept, I struggled quite a lot with finding the right font. The font didn’t seem as though it wanted to work on my laptop, so I had to use my own font. I also wanted to use some illustrations that would fit under the guidelines of photon, but I just couldn’t find any. Overall, I tried my best with what I had, but I do believe it could’ve been executed better.

In the final concept, it is about accessibility, allowing the visually impaired to use the application better. I used many similar examples from the aesthetic, using similar webpages but enlarging many sections and highlighting many key errors for them to read easier.

Overall this assignment was quite a roller coaster, and these concepts could’ve been brushed up a bit more but considering the circumstances, the concepts came out solid and displayed the point.